Wyoming needs more passionate special education teachers

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Each special education student has different needs, and for some students, learning can be more than a challenge. It can be a daunting situation.

This is why tailored teaching is essential in Wyoming.

Director of Special Services for LCSD1, J.P. Denning, explains, "Recruiting high quality special education staff is a challenging task.”

According to an equity of quality educators report, Wyoming has difficulty recruiting and retaining special education teachers.

Jillian Balow, State Superintendent, says, “Certainly having more great teachers in special ed is key to filling that gap.”

The problem does not come from the caliber of teachers. It comes from the amount of teachers available in Wyoming.

Niki Styger, Assistive Technology, explains, “We have teachers who spend hours before school and after school, who give up their lunch breaks to work with kids.”

Because of the challenging disabilities students in special education have, the need for qualified teachers is even more important.

According to J.P, "“We want all students to not be limited by their disability, but we want to provide specific instruction, so they can learn and grow like other students."

The first step to solving Wyoming's teacher deficit is looking at future educators. For those looking to pursue a career in special education, look no further than Laramie.

The University of Wyoming special education program is nationally recognized as being high caliber.

Through the trustees education initiative, University of Wyoming is brainstorming ways to recruit more per-service teachers to the area of special education.