Youth Alternatives: New Years Resolutions

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CHEYENNE, Wyo Some people may have already blown their New Year’s resolution. If you are looking for a reason to quit, one relapse will do the trick. But, don’t get discouraged, change is a process that requires some adjustments as you go.

When it comes to resolutions, parents and kids usually focus on the goal they want to reach. But often, they don’t spend enough time thinking about how much work it will take to reach that goal. (For example, straight A’s would be good, but your child hates homework, so getting all A’s without doing homework would be really hard.)

When you Initially begin to work toward the goal, the cost all of a sudden seems overwhelming and the payoff or benefit seems so far away. The immediate hard work and the distant payoff makes it easy to quit trying.

So, to find some encouragement to keep going, bring the payoff closer:

-Instead of shooting immediately for straight A’s, set the goal so you can reach it sooner. Change the goal to a 3% increase in each class.

-Take a picture of the goal and keep it in front of you. If you are losing weight, the picture could be of some clothes you could wear when you reach the desired weight.

-Have someone remind you of your goal – accountability and encouragement are quite helpful in persisting.

-Imagine how you will feel when you reach your goal. How will you feel when all of your grades have come up? How will you feel when you picture yourself wearing those special clothes?

Don’t give up, use one of these ways to bring the payoff closer. By doing so you will have greatly increased your likelihood of success.