Youth Alternatives: Preparing for back to school

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - Everyone’s getting excited for back to school right, well at least parents are. Back to school can be a rough transition for kids. Here are some tips to help smooth this over for you and your family.

-Be prepared

Don’t wait until the last minute to buy school clothes and supplies. Get what you need well in advance so you don’t have to scramble or feel rushed. Plus there are still plenty of options left to get exactly what you need. This helps your child feel confident and ready and some might even start to get a little excited.

-Get back on a schedule

Don’t wait until the first day of school, change up their sleep schedule at least two weeks before school actually starts. If your child is used to getting up at 10am they probably won’t like having to get up at 6am very much. So give them an earlier bedtime and start waking them up earlier and earlier until they’re waking up at the same time they will have to for school. This gives them a longer adjustment period and helps smooth over the mornings.

-Read together

It may be hard for your child to get back in the swing of things w/assignments and homework. One way to help soften the blow is by reading with them a little bit every day, maybe 15 minutes. The goal here is to get their excitement up and to help ease them back in.

-Get excited!

If you’re excited- even if it’s secretly just to get them out of the house-they’re going to start getting excited too. You can also talk with them about what to expect or maybe what they’re hoping to learn at school to get them ready. The key is to show them that school and learning can be fun and that you’re excited for them.