Youth Alternatives: Making and keeping your family's New Year resolutions

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - The New Year means second chances right. We get to change the things we wish we would’ve done differently last year and do it right this year.

Our motivation is high but we haven’t just yet had to put anything into practice. We might even be making the same resolutions as last year but we tell ourselves that something will be different this time. It can become a vicious cycle but it doesn’t need to happen every year.

-Do it together
Talk about it with your family and decide what kind of goal everyone will be on board with. If it’s not something you all want then it more than likely will fall through. It can be a fun or more productive goal, whatever you want.

Maybe have a family night every other week or work out together. When you make a resolution together you involve others and can use this to help motivate each other, which means you’re more likely to meet your goal.

-Keep each other accountable
Make an agreement beforehand to keep each other accountable. If one starts to slack off then the rest of the family will be there to help keep things going.

Doing it together as a family and keeping everyone accountable helps to bring up your chance of success.

-Be specific
It can be tempting to want to pick several broad goals but typically this kind of motivation doesn’t last and we begin to feel overwhelmed and defeated. Pick one or two goals and get specific.

If you say I want to spend more time with my kids, what does this really mean? Getting specific about what it is you want to do and what this looks like makes your goals more manageable and increases your family’s confidence in making them.

-Start small
Don’t jump in all at once because this is more than likely just going to lead to burn out and won’t help you live up to your resolutions. Sit down together and identify 1 or 2 small steps that you as a family can start taking.

If it’s specific and small enough then it’s going to feel more doable. Once your family has mastered this then it’s going to be easier to move on to the next step and to eventually reach your goals.