Cheyenne Stampede hockey player returns from national stage

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Cheyenne, WY- From the field to the ice a local hockey player returned from the national stage not to long ago. I caught up with this national athlete and learned all about his over sea adventure.

Here at the Ice and Events Center its all about getting back to basics and Head Coach Neil Breen says its all about simplicity.

"I'm trying to teach them to be less fancy and more simple because in the long run the fancy moves are only going to get you on a highlight reel."

For Stampede hockey player Hakan Salt coaches style of play has made him a better player working on skills that have made a national hockey player.

"He knows a lot of hockey he teaches a lot he doesn't go too hard on you unless he needs to so hes a really great coach to have."

Salt returned to Cheyenne after representing his home country Turkey at World Junior Championships. Coach Neal says World Junior Championships is legit hockey.

"It s a tremendous honor that he is able to do that for his country and I don t have tell anybody but World Junior Championships is legit hockey. Hes kind of a celebrity back in his country."

While wearing his country's flag on his jersey is a huge honor he loves Cheyenne and wearing the Stampede jersey.

On the ice its about x's and o's but off the ice Cheyenne is their home away from home.

"Its really great, it s a local community and everyone knows about the team and they come out and support us and I really like wearing it . We are all very close, its more than family because when you are away from home this is your family right now ."

Because at the end of the day its not what we have, but who we have that matters.

Says thank you Cheyenne Stampede in Turkish.

In Cheyenne Christy Waite CBS NewsChannel 5.