Gardner set to return for one more season as LCCC women's soccer coach

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- Golden Eagles head women's soccer coach, Jim Gardner, is told he'll return for one more season as LCCC women's soccer coach, after alleged firing. LCCC had a board meeting today, where Gardner was able to speak, on the situation.

The decision was made before the board meeting, to keep Gardner as the head coach, for one final season. According to a member of the women's soccer team, the players knew he was going to return to the team, as head coach, for the upcoming season.

Gardner said he went into the athletics office and was given a letter that said:

"As of today, January 28th, your services are no longer required. Thank you for your service, you have one hour to clean out your office and turn in your key, computer, phone, and badge."

He says he was not given a reason, to why he was initially fired. Gardner reached an agreement to retire, after this upcoming season.