Kelly Walsh wins 4A Wrestling State Championship

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GILLETTE, Wyo.- The Kelly Walsh wrestling team won the 4A state championship. East placed 3rd with 195 points, Central finished in 7th place, with 137 points, and South finished in 11th place with 27 points.

106: (Cen) I. Lopez- 3rd place, (East) L. Trujillo-4th place.
113: (East) D. Stice- 2nd place, (Cen) A. Roberts- 6th place.
120: (East) A. Solano- 1st place, (East) J. Hoskins-6th place.
126: (South) M. Fischer- 6th place.
138: (East) S. Smith- 4th place.
145: (Cen) J. Vronman- 5th place, (East) D. Winchell- 6th place.
152: (East) J. Hesford- 2nd place.
160: (Cen) B. Nicholson- 2nd place, (East) L. Eldridge- 6th place.
170: (East) B. Ronnau- 3rd place, (Cen) A. Johnson- 4th place.
182: (East) B. Whitright- 3rd place, (Cen) C. Goosen- 6th place.
195: (Cen) V. Herd- 4th place, (East) L. Mizel- 6th place.
220: (Cen) T. Martin- 4th place, (East) Z. Higgins (5th), M. Brown (6th).