LCCC gears up for Shawn Dubie Rodeo

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Laramie, Wyo. - Last October, two horses on LCCC's campus were euthanized due to an unknown illness affecting the horses. The school postponed the Shawn Dubie Rodeo indefinitely.

After months of planning, the school is finally ready to host the Shawn Dubie Rodeo, starting March 2.

College riders and ropers from all of the region will compete in the rodeo, with slack events taking place Friday and Saturday morning before the main events.

It's been a long time coming for the athletes, but LCCC's rodeo team understands why the rodeo had to be postponed.

"It was pretty sad we were all pretty supportive of everybody and it was kind of a freak thing that happened and we really didn't know what to say or do," said Freshman Georgie Lage. "We were supportive of one another and I think our understanding was a big thing; we really understood the situation so there wasn't any hard feelings of not getting to have the rodeo."

LCCC's head rodeo coach Beau Clark says his riders were upset but they are ready to ride this weekend.

"We were disappointed and a lot of planning that stopped our rodeo but it was okay, our kids handled it great and just rolled with it and they're excited for it this week."