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Cheyenne, Wy- Schedule of todays events. We will post results as soon as we have them.

2:30pm - Lyman (3A Non-Stunt)

2:36pm - Wheatland (3A Non-Stunt)

2:40pm - Cheyenne East (4A Non-Stunt)

2:44pm - Powell (3A Non-Stunt)

2:48pm - Cheyenne South (4A Non-Stunt)

2:52pm - Star Valley (3A Non-Stunt)

2:56pm - Green River (4A Non-Stunt)

3pm - Riverton (3A Non-Stunt)

3:04pm - Campbell County (4A Non-Stunt)

3:08pm - Buffalo (3A Non-Stunt)

3:12pm - Evanston (4A Non-Stunt)

3:16pm - Thermopolis (3A Non-Stunt)

3:20pm - Natrona (4A Non-Stunt)

3:24pm - Worland (3A Non-Stunt)

3:28pm - Sheridan (4A Non-Stunt)

3:32pm - Mountain View (3A Non-Stunt)

3:36pm - Cheyenne Central (4A Non-Stunt)

3:40pm - Douglas (3A Non-Stunt)

3:46pm - Cody (3A Non-Stunt)

3:52pm - Burlington (2A Non-Stunt)

3:58pm - Wright (2A Non-Stunt)

4:02pm - Jackson (4A Jazz)

4:06 pm - Big Piney (2A Non-Stunt)

4:10pm - Cheyenne Central (4A Jazz)

4:14pm - Cokeville (2A Non-Stunt)

4:18pm - Rock Springs (4A Jazz)

4:22pm - Lovell (2A Non-Stunt)

4:26pm - Green River (4A Jazz)

4:30pm - Kemmerer (2A Non-Stunt)

4:34pm - Evanston (4A Jazz)

4:38pm - Rocky Mountain (2A Non-Stunt)

4:42pm - Kelly Walsh (4A Jazz)

4:46pm - Rock Springs (4A Stunt)

4:50pm - Laramie (4A Jazz)

4:54pm - Thunder Basin (4A Stunt)

4:58pm - Lovell (3A Jazz)

5:02pm - Laramie (4A Stunt)

5:06 pm - Star Valley (3A Jazz)

5:10pm - Cheyenne South (4A Stunt)

5:14pm - Riverton (3A Jazz)

5:18pm - Cheyenne Central (4A Stunt)

5:22pm - Lander (3A Jazz)

5:26pm - Cheyenne East (4A Stunt)

5:30pm - Powell (3A Jazz)

5:34pm - Green River (4A Stunt)

5:38pm - Evanston (4A Stunt)


6:10pm - Rock Springs (4A Hip Hop)

6:14pm - Lyman (3A Stunt)

6:18pm - Evanston (4A Hip Hop)

6:22pm - Big Piney (3A Stunt)

6:26pm - Laramie (4A Hip Hop)

6:30pm - Cokeville (3A Stunt)

6:34pm - Cheyenne South (4A Hip Hop)

6:38pm - Rawlins (3A Stunt)

6:42pm - Cheyenne Central (4A Hip Hop)

6:46pm - Star Valley (3A Stunt)

6:50pm - Jackson (4A Hip Hop)

6:54pm - Douglas (3A Stunt)

6:58pm - Cheyenne East (4A Hip Hop)

7:02pm - Mountain View (3A Stunt)

7:06pm - Kelly Walsh (4A Hip Hop)

7:10pm - Powell (3A Stunt)

7:14pm - Green River (4A Hip Hop)

7:18pm - Wheatland (4A Co-Ed)

7:22pm - Lovell (3A Hip Hop)

7:26pm - Cheyenne South (4A Co-Ed)

7:30pm - Riverton (3A Hip Hop)

7:34pm - Burlington (4A Co-Ed)

7:38pm - Lyman (3A Hop Hop)

7:42pm - Rock Springs (4A Co-Ed)

7:46pm - Cokeville (3A Hip Hop)

7:50pm - Evanston (4A Co-Ed)

7:54pm - Star Valley (3A Hip Hop)

7:58pm - Cheyenne East (4A Co-Ed)

8:02pm - Lander (3A Hip Hop)