New branding system for state parks, historic sites, and trails

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- According to the Facebook Page of Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails, the division unveiled a new system of branding during the Wyoming Governor’s Hospitality and Tourism Conference.

Developed by Linden Marketing, part of the branding involves a new family of logos that represent the Division’s three main entities – State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails – as well as each specific venue within the system.

The new brand strategy was focused on creating a system that is accommodating and flexible for the Division’s wide variety of products and experiences, yet still centralized and cohesive.

According to the Needs Assessment developed by Linden, the division had lacked any sort of consistency or memorable “look and feel” for its brand. Visitors had low recognition of state parks and historic sites, often confusing them with federal sites such as national parks.

According to Department Director Milward Simpson, “The new branding we’ll be unveiling during the Tourism Conference sets a high bar for Wyoming State Parks. It marks our arrival as a major player and partner in the overall marketing scheme that fuels tourism in Wyoming.”