Yellowstone National Park named a top US destination for 2016

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Yellowstone National Park - Lonely Planet is sending the word out that Yellowstone National Park is one of the top places to visit in the United States in 2016.

The company known for its travel guides says in its Tuesday (2/9/16) announcement that Yellowstone has been ranked the third best spot to visit.

The site says, “with 9000 square kilometers of wilderness, it’s not all about boiling steam vents, bubbling mud pots and psychedelic hot springs. Go wolf-spotting in the Lamar Valley, take a Wild West tour by horseback or stagecoach, zoom through some the country’s best snowmobile territory in the cold months, and explore the gateway towns like Gardiner, Montana, and Cody, Wyoming.”

The US National Park Service also turns 100 in 2016, so that’s an added plus for tourists.

Lonely Planet says it picks the "top 10 most exciting, intriguing and up-and-coming" destinations for the list. Philadelphia ranked number one because it "is experiencing a transformation to its urban core, yet retaining its deep American history and uniquely gritty flavor."

Here’s a look at the top ten:

Lonely Planet's Best in the United States for 2016
1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2. Natchez, Mississippi
3. Yellowstone National Park (Montana, Wyoming, Idaho)
4. Birmingham, Alabama
5. Alaska
6. Somerville, Massachusetts
7. Northwest Arkansas
8. San Antonio, Texas
9. Southern New Mexico
10. Milwaukee, Wisconsin